Task 1 - Forum Discussions

    Six Forum discussions on the following to be completed by January 30th 2017.

    •  What is a day at my school like?

    •  What is my Favourite and Worse lesson? Explain why.

    •  What has my education path looked like to this point? i.e. Primary school, secondary  school, college etc.

    •  What are my future plans after I leave my current school?

    •  What options are there for students leaving my school? i.e. University, apprenticeships etc

    •  What help or funding does my government provide for me when I leave school? i.e. free university education, career advice etc.


    Task 2 - Prezi Presentations

    Create a prezi presentation on education in the late 19th to early 20th century about education in your country. (https://prezi.com/) 

    Following points of discussion could be:

    • What were schools like in that time? i.e the building, class sizes etc.

    • What age were they when they started school and what age did they often leave?

    • Was there a difference between male and females attending school or Rich and poor communities?

    • What type of lessons were taught in schools? Are there any lessons that are still taught today or lessons that are not taught today?

    • What punishments and rewards were used at school?


    Task 3 - Learning Styles Questionnaire

     Learning style questionnaire to be completed by 100 students’ maximum. Two slides produced on the shared presentation document. One slide on findings and one slide for overall summery of countries learning style. To be completed by January 30th 2017.

    Learning Style Questionnare - Click here  for a copy.

    Presentation -   Click Here   to begin editing your slides.