• Here is the dissemination activities of the project.





  • Online News & Meetings

    Webdemic Project Presentation Board


    Webdemic Project Presentation Board

    BAKMTAL TR 2 Group

    Video Conference News in BAKMTAL school web page

    During the distance education we had a video conference with our students to talk about the next process for the project.

    Webdemic Project Presentation Board

    Safer Internet Day Presentation Board
    BAKMTAL TR 1 Group

    News in School Forum Web Site

    Here is the news ( 08.11.2019 )

    EBA Usage for Webdemic Project

    We used WhatsApp groups, emails, project forums and also https://www.eba.gov.tr platform to share documents with our students

    Webdemic presentation in website

    Project presentation at IES Severo Ochoa website

    Teams works in school website

    Teams works presentation in IES Severo Ochoa website