In the strategic plan of or school,school's fundemental principal is determined as to heed common values. Yet,when our values education club's report was analyzed, we've noticed that the values and the activities were insufficient for pupils to be included actively. We received the pupils' opinions about the subject matter,they've gotten a handle on the issue with MANGA,a kind of comic book first appeared in Japan.The etwinning project "Common Values With Manga" was set by Eski┼čehir Anadolu Lisesi and Mustafa Kemal MTAL.In this project, the students are engaged in meaningful activities to reach outcome and many disciplines were integrated including art,literature and ICT.Yet, trying to challenge our students to take a step forward to European citizenship and add an ICT value to their product, we added many partners and transformed this project into a KA 229 strategic partnership project.

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