Being a teenager in the past, the present and the future

This project will turn around the pupils' hobbies and lives in the past, nowadays and in the future. They will compare their daily lives with other countries and other generations.


    Project Journal

    • The Evaluation of the questionnaire

      Questions past.docx Ergebnisse.docx

      - Posted by Monika Ruwe, 25.06.2016

    • Questionnaire "Being a Teenager in the past

      Questions past.docx

      - Posted by Monika Ruwe, 24.05.2016

    • Hello colleagues,
      We have made two short videos commemorating activities of the children´s parents in their childhood - military training or mass gymnastic performance in 1970´s and 1980´s. (CZ)

      - Posted by Tomas Trnka, 24.05.2016

    • Hello, we send the findings of our brief survey. CZ

      The Present and Past Comparison.pdf

      - Posted by Tomas Trnka, 07.04.2016

    • These are the results of the questionnaire about bullying carried out by the Czech and the German students

      Investigation of bullying events in Lhenice and HIltrup.pdf

      - Posted by Monika Ruwe, 12.03.2016