All Disease Begins in the Gut-


With the importance of gut health for overall wellbeing currently taking center stage, probiotics have also become very important in our diets. Probiotics, as their name shows, promote life through a healthy balance of gut bacteria. An increasing number of studies link gut health to mood and mental health and there are some new studies link the consumption of foods rich in probiotics with fewer exams’ anxiety to students.Some other studies show that probiotics can help reduce the number of days of school missed due to illness as well as the intensity and duration of colds. In view of this growing necessity of probiotic foods we decided to make a project about it and want to make the benefits of probiotics and prebiotic foods known by students, colleagues and as many people as possible around us. With this project we want to take attention to this issue and as it's not a local but global topic we want to carry out this project transnational.

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