Arago Vocational school

  • 2SE: What they think of their school: 

    N'guessan Christopher

    1) The place I prefer is the student hall because my friends are there during the break

    2) The room I prefer is the gymnasium because i love the sports

    3) The teacher I prefer is Ms Gallée because I like the lessons of French and English

    4) My opinion about the workshop is that it is, very nice I love working in the workshop

    5) The playground is very large but the students are always in the student hall

    6) The art room is very cool because Mr. Sarcelet is a very nice teacher

    7) I don't eat at the canteen

    8) The prep room is little and noisy

    9) The computer room is good but some computers have problems


    2tbaec Mikael

    the place i prefer is my bed room

    the roomi prefer is my bed room, because i like sleep

    the teacher i prefer is Mrs Bidault

    i have any opinion on that subject

    we have a small playground



    10) The school library is large and lot book are there

    11) There are two gymnasiums

    12) The nurse's room is very quiet.


    2SE: What they think of their school:

    Akman Oktay

    1)The place I prefer and why is home


    2tbaec Paul The place I prefer at the vocationnal school Argo is the foyer

    the room I prefer is the art room

    the teacher i prefer is mr sarcelet

    i like architecture because it's very interessing

    the playground:it is smallbut not importants because there are things everywhere

    the canteen:it'sreally smal hours of operation has not last in it is smal but we are my college years

    the art room: it's really funny because there are thing every where

    the prep room: is often reserved to shose who are glued