“Let’s STEaM… Pompei and Thessaloniki up!”


“Let’s STEaM… Pompei and Thessaloniki!” is an eTwinning project for secondary school students aged 13-15. It is a Greek - Roman Civilization orientated project focusing on finding the footprint of Greek - Roman Civilization around our school, region and everyday life! There is a focus on our cultural heritage: tangible culture, (monuments, buildings,archaeological sites, books, works of art and artefacts) and intangible culture (oral traditions, customs, folklore, performing arts, language, lifestyle and values) The aim of the project is to expand our students horizons and bring them together so that they can practise their communication and ICT skills and learn about cultural differences and similarities in the partner countries. Students from both countries will have to find mythological references (statues,paintings, names of shops, streets...) in their regions and compare them. Creating a STEAM based Pompei and Roman Thessaloniki ancient theatre machine known as "Periaktoi" and interactive maps will be some of final products. Students will be involved in a cultural exchange visiting both countries and seeing in situ the mythological references.

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