Break the Silence! Stop Bullying Today!

Peer bullying in schools has been on increase, and can have a negative impact on the health of an individual both in the short and long run. That is, peer bullying is a widespread problem in the schools. The studies have shown that students who are bullied commonly become depressed, have poor attendance records and do poorly academically in school. Moreover, it is claimed by the experts that when people have the feeling of insecurity, they cannot achieve higher objectives, or cannot be successful and in the end, bullying impede students from learning. With the thought that every child has the right to feel safe at home, at school and in the community, as emphasized by UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we started our project. The problem should be handled collaboratively, so we believe that this project can offer solution to this common problem by sharing good practices with other schools and trying to reach wider audience.

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