STEM Robotics Club

Arduino is an open source and design platform, based on flexible and easy to use hardware and software. For STEM Robotics Club highschools students cover part of their curriculum through a series of constructions that build, with the microprocessor Arduino, cables, lcd screens, traffic lights and potentiometers. Through a set of videos, students from different schools teach each other how to build the circuits, create codes and use a microcontroller, which gives a number of gateways, that can function as either inputs or outputs to our circuits. These inputs or outputs can be managed by writing code in the programming environment Arduino IDE, based at language C / C ++. Partner schools can ask experts or use the web for advice and input, and then share it on TwinSpace. A different school coordinates each activity and creates a short assessment task to be taken by all partner classes. Interaction among partners takes place in Forums and ongoing evaluation takes place through polls

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