Curious eyes discovering the world

Keywords: Material and Intangible Heritage of the world, Literature, Art, Games, Families, Infant Education. "Only with the heart you can see well; The essential is invisible to the eyes" The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry The Little Prince taught us the value of seeing, observing, getting excited through the attentive gaze of our heart. The eyes are a means that help us focus our sight, transmit the information to our brain, but to see beyond, identifying the authenticity it is necessary to start our heart, our experiences, feelings and if, in addition, it is shared, they are incorporated new perspectives that, sometimes, go unnoticed. The proposal made between the associated centers. We found it so rich and interesting that this year the main idea will be derived in the development of the different areas and languages ​​of our curriculum, expanding with the investigation of places farther away from the surroundings of the students.

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