Engaging Eco-citizens: Fostering commitment in young Europeans


Fostering Commitment in Young Europeans -FcyE- is a two-year project bringing together approximately 120 students aged 16-18 from four European high schools, situated in Germany,France, Poland and Spain. In each school, activities will be led by 5 or 6 teacher-mentors, including experienced and new educators, thereby creating a dynamic for incremental change. They will advise and teach students in weekly sessions and via social media, to encourage them to throw themselves nationally and transnationally into real-life issues—diet, mobility, consumption and a sustainable, eco-friendly environment—to commit to and drive forward necessary change. If students want to succeed they will need to work as a cohesive transnational team, which is why we have focussed heavily on improving their communication skills in English, the project language. Indeed, FcyE only has meaning as part of a Europe-wide collaboration as today’s issues can’t be solved by any single nation alone.

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