Water: a priceless gift !

Earth is known as the "Blue Planet" because of the huge amount of water that covers it. About 97% of this water is salty and only 1% of fresh water is available for human use. Oceans are important for their biodiversity. Rivers and streams are important sources of freshwater. Oceans, rivers and streams are important parts of the water cycle and their value in environmental, economic, cultural, aesthetic and even spiritual quality of life touches all of us, humans. The project aims to bring students closer to Nature and environmental issues and to lead them to discover national and European rivers, to recognize their importance and the need for their preservation as well as to understand the impact of interactions of Mankind with the fresh watercourses (and surrounding regions) never forgetting his destiny: the ocean. This project allows an interdisciplinary approach to the subject: Science, History and Social Studies, Languages and Arts.

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