1 Introduction: students, schools, towns, countries 

       Students upload videos and or presentation about their school with some     

       questions for ss to answer

    2 E-safety

    3  What is my ideal hero like? Discussion about qualities

       Students watch a video about knights and then discuss about the qualities           


    4  Ideal heroes from literature, film, history 

       Ss create/ draw/present their favourite hero ( e-book)

    5  Heroes of every days

    6  Charity activity 

        visiting of senior house, collection for right purpose (examples)

    7 What shall I do for my planet? Discussion, acts (sorting waste...)

       Create a collage with a picture from every country about it etc

    8  What shall I do for my surroundings? 

       Create newspaper pages about it

    9  Smile: where can I meet the smile? What is it important for me? 

    10 Evaluation