My Dr Seuss' illustrated alphabet

Spelling words is an important part of the teaching process when it comes to foreign languages. Memorizing the English alphabet can be challenging for ESL learners since it can highly differ from their native one. For instance the letter ‘e’ is a difficult one in English since it is pronounced like the French ‘i’ and French learners tend to be confused between the two letters. Dr Seuss’s ABC book is the basis of our work. Learners will read a few pages in class and they will reproduce the model of the book: ‘BIG A, little a, what begins with A?…’, respecting punctuation as well. They will choose new words for their E-twinning partners, they will illustrate and share them and they will eventually record them to form a collaborative audiobook. The objective is to memorize the alphabet while communicating in English with other students, to improve pronunciation and target language, learn new words and, hopefully, have fun during the project!

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