Let's GTA! - STEAM as a versatile language describing the world

The project aims in proving that science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics interpermeate, supporting one another and surrounding us in our everyday life. We decided to use the abbreviation GTA, which in the case of this project means "gathering (together) technology and art", to underline that the concept of STEAM is as universal and popular as the game GTA is among young people all over the world. The project will be divided into several short activities, suitable for both primary and secondary school students. All the activities will be based on active participation and practice. In order to achieve the best results, the participants will be divided into groups responsible for certain parts of the project work. Students taking part in this project will cooperate actively using not only tools available on TwinSpace, but also other applications enhancing common work, like Wordwall, Padlet or LearningApps.

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