2nd meeting with pupils in Manisa

  • Over 10 teachers and 20 pupils from Italy, Germany, Austria and Greece participated at the 2nd project meeting in Manisa, Turkey between 13. January and 17. January 2020.

    The overall topic of it was "How to turn objects into exhibits - open air history. Europe is huge, why should museums be small?"

    It was an exciting schedule with the following highlights:

    1. Self- Created Museum (Day 1): Our self created museum room focuses on the history and development of barbers.
    2. Ephesus Ancient City (Day 2): A great tour with an experienced guide gave us great insight and background information about this historical site.
    3. PhotoVoice Project (Day 3): Students used PhotoVoice to determine what they want us to know about occupations and jobs. It offered students a chance to tell their stories and have their voices heard. PhotoVoice equips individuals with cameras so they can create photographic evidence and symbolic representations to offer insight, teach others about their experiences and help others see the topic through their eyes.

    Additionally, the future logo for the project was selected via a competition between all countries by votings of the present pupils. The winner was the contribution from Austria:

  • Your favourite impression from the time in Manisa?

    Surprising landscape (Alex, AT)

    My favourite landscape picture was to see a mosque with a snowy mountain top in the background - really enjoyed our time together at the truely historic city of princes, Manisa!

    The place of democracy (Photini, GR)

    There were many moments and many pictures that I liked a lot, they all belong in my "personal museum" and it is difficult to choose one exponent... let say that the picture of our group in "Odeon" summerizes the values of our project.

    The significance of education (Oguzhan, AT)

    It was an unforgetable experience to see the ancient culture and common life. Regarding to this, the Celcus Library overwhelmed us by its architecture. But it shows us also the meaning of education - the centre of mankind.

    my friends (Aspa, GR)

    I miss all of you guys .... i hope to see you again!!


    Thank you for your hospitality, you gave us a great time in Manisa!!!ε>


    It was for me an unforgetable experience.I will never forget all the moments ,we had passed with you guys ε> We will meet you next October in our school in Greece

    Manisa, Turkey

    Thank you for that epic time you gave me in turkey. I hope all of you stay healthy! 😊

    Amazing view of Ephesos (Efe,AT)

    It was very Incredible to see such a beatiful city with my own eyes.
    I saw Ephesos only in the Internet and I Pretty much liked it,but after this trip I fell in love.
    It was a very good experience and I recommend everybody to see it.

    The Openair Train Museum (Emil, AT)

    It was an amazing place where many photos with my new friends i met came to existence. The old maschine were really interesting to be because of the engines and the engineering behind them. But i think that the people i met in turky were more important. I hope i'll see you all again.

    Ephesos (Hüseyin, AT)

    Just beautiful!´
    I am really impressed of Ephesos.
    It is a great travelling destination ,which I saw only on TV before:
    Then beeing there live was a special experience
    I will never Forget.
    I think everybody should be in Ephesos for one time ,maybe more often.
    Thank you Manisa!

    Ephesus (Beadin, AT)

    It was beautiful! Ephesus is so an Amazing Place. When our teachers spoke about ephesus their eyes was shining and i always thought they exaggerated. Now I am able to unterstand their ethusiasm.
    It was a great experience

    team Italy 💚🤍🧡

    We are really grateful, don't forget us.

    Αlain Delon of Turkey (Annie, GR)

    An unexpectable meeting with a unique person of Manisa... sharing the common culture of donner...

    Erasmus Project

    This erasmus project was a chance to improve my language and culture. İt was very good to host our foreign guests and to inform them about our profession culture.
    ı had new friends and I had fun during this event. ı hope you had fun too.

    I love it

    This project has benefited me a lot. I improved my English, I met with new friends. I had a lot of fun. I learned new things about foreign cultures.

    I love it (Ege Kayıkçı)

    This project has benefited me a lot. I improved my English, I met with new friends. I had a lot of fun. I learned new things about foreign cultures.