Fit for Life


The aim of this project is to support the health and well-being of young people with a focus on: - Promoting mental and sexual health, sports, physical activity and healthy lifestyles. - Preventing and treating injury, eating disorders, addictions and substance abuse. - Education on nutrition. - Culture (e.g. theatre, dancing, music, museums) as a part of work-life-balance and a way to express oneself. - Achieving responsible cititzenship (e.g. responsible shopping, reading contracts, informing about goods and politics, stating an opinion). - Reflecting the chances and risks of modern media. - Promoting cooperation between schools, youth workers, health professionals sport organisations, bankers, theatres, IT-specialists and consumer advice centres. - Raising awareness of how e.g. sports, media or culture can promote teamwork, intercultural learning and responsibility leading to social competence and therefore being fit for life: students and teachers.

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