Project plan



    The project is based on active listening to music. Children during the project work will try to translate the language of music into various codes of art like painting or movement.
    Thanks to the fusion of activities :musical and movement, the child will learn how to harmonize the movement element with sounding music. Moreover, the child will be able to hear and distinguish the rhythm of the composition being listened to. In the meantime the young listener will also acquire and develop skills needed to describe music in verbal and non verbal ways e.g. using art techniques such as pantomime, drama, painting etc.


    -To express oneself through music, movement and art activities
    To perceive artistic and cultural impulses, to evaluate their experiences
    - To prepare for life in a multilingual European society
    - To describe art with short words in children languages that show emotions
    -To know how do artists make their art
    -Noticing the beauty of sorrounding world
    -Spend time at kindergarten in a crative way


    Partners choose a music track (different for each month ) that will be inerpreted by everyone engaged in the project according to their imagination. They can suggest three compositions and one will be chosen to vote.
    Children will be supposed to :
    a) describe the given composition of music with words (specify its character – joyful, sad, threatening, lively)
    b) paint simultaneously (while listening to) common picture on paper or depict music by their movement
    SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: All partners will introduce themselves and prepare one Ice brakes activity
    OCTOBER:    - Each partner will offer two compositions in just one topic (a month)
    NOVEMBER-MAY:  Individual activities.
     - Every month one partner creates a Virtual Gallery / e-book from childrens artworks
    MAY/JUNE:   Evaluation of the project by children and teachers
     - Presentation of Virtual Gallery.


    Children will learn about and compare lifestyles of their peers in other countries and cultures.
    Children are getting to know different composers
    Children are getting to know different ways of discovering the beauty of art
    Establishing cooperation with new partner schools.
    Children will learn about and compare lifestyles of their peers in other countries and cultures.
    Public Twinspace.
    Virtual gallery with children pictures or photos.