Crossing borders: migration and hospitality in Europe

Migration has existed from the beginning of mankind. Migration led people from Africa to come to Europe, and those people were our ancestors. What we are now is the result of those migrations and the mix of cultures. Every day today we can hear news of people trying to reach Europe, escaping from wars or trying to find work and stable living conditions. They migrate for all kinds of different reasons, using different ways of traveling with different routes and destinations. But what do we really know about migration? Our schools have a common feeling that we must help our students to get aware of migration, help them understand why they should support and assist people who are migrating, probably suffering, trying to reach their destinations and setting up a new home. Together we will work out ways of taking action, getting involved in volunteer projects for immigrants, and making a difference. This twinspace will accompany our 24-month Erasmus+ K2 project on migration.

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