SMS - Skilling Me Softly

The term Soft Skills (SS) refers to those abilities, competencies or personal traits that show how a person relates to others. Improving our students' SS will provide them with new tools to be more selfconfident and to face future challenges. This project has been undertaken by a group of 4 schools from 4 European countries: Spain (coordinator), Greece, Norway, and Poland. They share different experiences in the various fields of teaching and learning SS, and also a will to develop these skills. We established 4 scopes of action, one per semester, to work on these SS: self-management, empathy, communication and empowerment. We'll reach these objectives through a certain number of activities, as well as particular modes of management and assessment. Nearly all activities have a 1st phase in each school -coordinated on eTwinning- and a 2nd one, internationalized, to be done in the 4 short-term student exchanges, one in each school at the end of each term.

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