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    This project intends to promote pupil's research on national music in different styles (classical, pop, folk, childish, rock, jazz, ...) and to develop children's creativity on choreographies issues and body language.

    Firstly, pupils research in their families national music they would like to share with their partners. After that, partners feel free to choose music from different countries, among those collected, to create a choreography. Parents will be invited to the creativity process and/or to create themselves a dance. Throughout the year, all the dances created will be shared in school. To show the performances, partners organize videoconferences and videos. 

    Step by step the work will be shared in our project’s TwinSpace with examples of national dances from each country and all the dances created by pupils and families. The hastag #etwfree2dance will be used on social media.



    Arianna (IT)    
    Betina (PT) 7, 8 years-old (grades 2 and 3) 11
    Gorete (PT)    
    Hasmik (AM) 9-12 years old (grades 4-6) 10
    Milena (PT) 6, 10  years-old (grades 1 and 4) 11
    Nune (AM) 6-15years old  
    Stella (GR) 11-12 years old 5th grade 9
    Syuzanna (AM)    
    Badea Georgica (ROU) 6-10 years old  

    Now, we are 8 members.