Flipped Classroom strategy to fight against school absenteeism improving students motivation and performance

We are living in the digital era and the way people communicate has been altered enormously. Internet and mobile phones has changed our lives forever. Nonetheless, the way of teaching has not. Teachers tend to continue making use of the classical approach, master classes in which teachers deliver “the perfect” monologue followed by tons of homework for our beloved pupils. Hence, why not in this new digital world flip our classrooms and do things from another outlook? In this project we want to learn how to successfully implement the flipped classroom model in our schools. In a flipped classroom approach class time is released so that students' participation in active learning can be facilitated through questions, discussions and applied activities that encourage exploration, articulation and application of ideas. Additionally, a Flipped classroom is an integral approach that, when applied successfully, will support all phases of a learning cycle such as the Bloom’s taxonomy.

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