FINAL WORKS - All Collaborative Works

  • Dear partners,

    we collaborated greatly with our project partners during our 9 months project works. As a result, we created excellent collaborative products.

    Here are the collaborative products we created in our project process:

    * Traditional Children's Games Presentation

    (Turkey, Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Belgium, France)

    Link: Click here

    * Our Traditional Dishes - Imaginary Restaurant

    Creating a menu for our virtual restaurant.

    Collaborative works of international student teams:

    • Starters team work:

    (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Armenia, Greece)

    Link: Click here

    • Soups team work:

    (Bulgaria, Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Romania)

    Link:​​​​ Click here

    • Main course team work:

    (Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Belgium, Norway, Romania, Italy)

    Link: Click here

    • Desserts team work:

    (Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Norway, Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania, France)

    Link: Click here

    • Drinks team work:

    (Armenia, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey)

    Link: Click here

    • Virtual restaurant name and logo team work:

    (Ukraine, Armenia,Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece)

    Link: Click here

    * The Logo Of Our Virtual Restaurant

    We voted to choose the los of our virtual restaurant. The logo of the Bulgarian team was chosen as the logo of our virtual restaurant.



    * The Name Of Our Virtual Restaurant

    THE eTwinning KITCHEN


    * The Menu Of Our Virtual Restaurant

    (Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Greece, Romania, Italy, Belgium, Norway, France)

    Link: Click here

    * Cookery Book

    This cookery book, the scope of the "Are We So Different" eTwinning project as collaborative product (November activity) was prepared by students from Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia, Belgium, France, Greece, Ukraine, Romania and Norway.

    Endless thanks to all of our project partners and students who contributed to the preparation of this cookery book!

    Link: Click here

    To view full screen, please click on the "full screen" icon at the bottom right of the ebook.


    * Project Posters Album

    (Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia, Ukraine, Romania, Belgium, Greece, France)

    Link: Click here


    * "Our Spring Festivals" Brochure

    (Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Armenia, Romania)

    Canva Link: Click here

    Google Slides Link: Click here

    * Collaborative eTwinning Day Video

    "Happy eTwinning Day!" message in eight different languages. (Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia, Romania, Italy, Greece, Belgium)

    Link: Click here

    * Collaborative Story

    (Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Armenia, Romania, Norway, France, Belgium)

    The main theme of our collaborative story is to be tolerant of different cultures.

    Our collaborative story consists of 8 chapter. Each chapter of our collaborative story was written by students from different schools.

    Our students drew illustrations for our collaborative story. Some students preferred different web2.0 tools to create illustrations.

    As a result of this wonderful cooperation, a great story emerged.

    The name of our collaborative story is "The Power of Friendship".  Are you ready to go on a wonderful journey with Kevin and Ashly in our story?

    Link: Click Here

    To view full screen, please click on the "full screen" icon at the bottom right of the ebook.