What Europe does for me - personal statements

  • Have a look at the webpage https://what-europe-does-for-me.eu/en/portal. Write a short text about what Europe does for you personally.

    Tex, Aurich

    I have been living in Germany for 14 years, although I have Dutch citizenship. Without the EU, this would not be possible.

    Clara, Aurich

    In my opinion the Schengen agreement is the most important thing Europe does for me. To cross borders you do not have to wait at border controls anymore and that most of EU-countries use the Euro as ther currency is aswell a big bonus point! That is in my opinion one of the best things that Europe does for all of us.

    Paula, Aurich

    I‘m personally very interested in protecting our environment as much as I possibly can, due to that I focuse on mostly buying regional products. The EU provides a logo, which guarantees that the product comes from a certain region and is produced under certain conditions. I think that’s a great way to support regional farmers/ companies and addionally protect the environment!

    Nina, Aurich

    The EU is an important factor for our high living standards because the economy and human rights regulations are implemented through it. Furthermore, without the EU, I would not be able to have a dual citizenship and be able to have the priviliges of both countries. For me, my dual citizenship is part of my identity and I am happy to be able to have it.

    Zoe, Aurich

    The EU makes it possible for me to travel without much effort and they also try to do a lot for the enviroment, which is very important to me.

    Ilka, Aurich

    I love to travel and hike in Austria and Italy because I love the landscape in that region. Without the Schengen agreement and the Euro, travelling would be ways more difficult.

    Philipp, Aurich

    I love to travel and to discover places all over Europe, for example I and my family are often travelling to Ireland, France and Scaninavia. Without the EU travelling would be a lot more difficult.

    Anneke, Aurich

    I'm so happy about my life in Europe. even though I'm a woman I can be whoever I want. Of course there is still some sexism but most of the time Europe has given me equaltity. The laws in Europe protect my rights. There are a lot of Countrys where women have no rights at all.

    Anna, Aurich

    On the one hand i have many possibilities because of the EU. It is easier to connect with new people and to travel to other countries. Beyond that I think the cooperation between the different countries is one of the best parts of the EU. Though on the other hand i don't think the EU is doing enough to protect our environment.

    Vollen, Norway

    EU give peace to Europe and I think that is very good, and it allows you to do and experience many things. If we had not had the EU then I think there would not have been so much peace in the world. Norway isn't in EU but I feel safer anyway.

    Thale, Vollen

    In Europe it is esier to crose the border to other conteries. And it is esier for us to study abord.

    Ingrid, Vollen

    Although Norway isn’t a part of the EU, we are a part of the EEA, which gives us basically the same benefits. I appreciate the fact that we can feel much more safe from war and ant hostility, and it feels like the countries are united as one with a great cooperation. It’s also way easier to study in other countries in Europe, and that contributes to diversity between the different cultures.

    Amelia. Norway

    Even tho Norway isn’t officially a part of EU, we still enjoy many of the benefits through the EEA. We have Shenanigan agreement, and the possibility to become whatever we want.

    Andrea, Norway

    Living in Europe have given me the possibilities to grow up in a country without war. Unlike other countries, and im werry grateful for this. Eu have made it safe also with the countrys around. It is also easy to travle and explore, and i think that is really important to see other people and religions.

    Petter, Norway

    The EU Makes it easy to travel to other countries in the EU, for example I could just take my skies and ski straight over to sweeden. Without any border control

    Håkon, Norway

    Even though norway isn't a part of the EU, we still have many of the same bennefits of being a part of the EU by being a part of the EEA. Like having the opportunity to travel between countries without going trough pass controles. An example may be driving to Sweden because you feel like having some cheap candy. Which is one of the things europe does for me.

    Inga, Vollen

    Even though Norway is not a part of the EU I love how it is easy for me to travle and that I freely can visit Sweden or Finland at anytime without asking for premission.

    Josefine, Norway

    I haven't really thought about it, but I love living in Europe. I think it gives us young people good opportunities for education and so on. We have human rights, we have equality, peace and a system around us. That is very important for a child to have a good life. I can feel safe and free in Europe. Fighting terrorism and protecting citizens is one of the top priorities for the European Union. That is very important for me to feel safe. It makes it easier for the nations to support and cooperate.

    Wilma, Norway

    Growing up in Europe has given me many opportunities I wouldn't have if I lived somewhere else in the world. We are so lucky to live in a place and time where we can live in peace and not worry for fighting for our lives. Ofcourse- there are a lot of things we can improve, as the enviormental issues and equality for all. But overall, we have a great standard of living thanks to the EU (EEA here in Norway), which I am very tankful for.

    Vilde, Norway

    It makes it easier to travel to the other countries. I really like to travel and experience new places. This means that we, for example, can drive to sweden whenever we want.

    Emilie Norway

    Growing up in Europe has given me the posibillitis travel to other countries and to live in a country whitout a war. We have the freerights and if we do not agree whit the goverment then we can speek against them whitout going to jail.

    Irene, Carcare

    The thing I like the mos about EU is the fact that it allows us to travel freely to the other countries that are members, and honestly I can't wait for this whole terribile situation to be over in order to start again to do that . I also think that often we forget how easier EU makes our lives, because we are so used to it that we don't take time to imagine how would it be if it hadn't be created.

    Marina, Italy

    There are many things that Europe did/does for me and for southern Piedmont, that is the place where I live. For example in summertime there are lots of tourists from all over Europe (but especially from Germany) that visit this area because of the wine production and the beautiful landscapes. Without the Schengen agreement it would be more difficult and therefore our tourism sector would be damaged. But Europe also helped the local hospital with energy sistems to provide hot and cold water and the energy needed to operate the hospital.


    I think Europe is doing a lot for me. First of all I recognise the facility of travelling across different nations and this is an amazing advantage. On the all Europe is helping a lot in several field; I live in Liguria and for my regions Europe has assign founds like "Life" which has been established to preserve marine biodiversity.

    Anna, Czech Republic

    Although living here is not perfect, I think that we have much better conditions than most countries. We can study, be part of this E+ group, we can get great jobs. I like living in Europe mostly because of travelling, health and safety standards.

    Tereza, Czech republic

    I´m really happy that our country is part of the EU because we have a huge amount of options what to do. So for example we can travell across EU without border controls and I think It´s really good! Also meet new people here in E+ group and do other great things.

    Michal, Czech Republic

    I appreciate that with EU and the Schengen agreement we can travel all around the Europe without any problems. I also appreciate that EU invests in environment protection and education on all levels.

    Jakub, Czech Republic

    As a child, I was in Croatia and Italy only for an ID card. And today I travel around Europe only with an ID card. That's probably the best thing.

    -Amy Pregliasco- Italy

    One of the most important things Europe does for me personally is mantaining my human rights and my freedom, but also giving me the possibility to live a life in which i can choose what to become in the future. For me it's very important also to be able to travel from a state to another without restrictions, because i think that knowing other cultures is very important to open our minds and to learn always something new.

    Foodies are taken in account

    The UE has strict guidelines for how products should be treated and that allows us to have top quality products from different European areas. These guidelines also insure that the food we buy is safe to eat no matter where it comes from. There are also limits on the use of pesticides and information about allergens is mandatory on all of the products. These rules make it so that everyone has a chance of getting their hands on products from a different country without having to worry about food poisoning or allergy reactions.
    Celeste Granata

    What Europe does for me - Camilla Gallo

    I am glad Italy is part of EU especially since travelling is way easier. Even if in this period of Covid19 we cannot travel anymore I'm looking forward eagerly to travelling in as many countries as I can in order to meet new people and to understand new cultures, so I think EU is a great opportunity for the ones who live in it. I am also considering going to study abroad one day and I know that EU surely helps a lot with this type of process. But most importantly we have human rights and we are making great strides in order to completely reach equality.
    I am sure there are still many imperfections to be solved but I'm hopeful for a better future.

    Noemi, Carcare

    The EU did and is doing so much for our country and specifically for our region, since it supported financially many of the attractions I still enjoy going to around my area, like the cycleway, the footpaths and the Olympic swimming pool in Savona. One of the things I like the most is that EU promotes better connectivity and travelling opportunities between all countries, both in the work field and most importantly for us students.

    Caterina Mana-Italy

    I’ve been living in Italy for 17 years old and I love my country. Above loving Italy for culture, for architectural wonders, for food, I love it because it’s located in Europe and is part of the EU. The EU allows me to travel freely, to use the same coin without the need of changing money, to study and find a job abroad and to live in a country without wars. One of the things I appreciate the most is that the EU promotes cultural exchanges between its member countries with systems such as Erasmus Plus, which I think is very useful for our personal growth.

    Letizia Malaspina, Italy

    Well, that a difficult question. Europe is a melting pot between ancient history and culture and innovation and modernity. Living in Europe has given me the possibility to travel, to get to know a lot of new people. Europe is a lively neighborhood and I enjoy living in it.

    Zoe Peruzzo - Carcare

    Though I don't travel that much, I'm glad Italy is part of Europe. Europe grants me, as well as other people, a lot of freedom. Not only we're free to travel from country to country, but we are given rights that are not always defended all over the World, such as the right of free speech, of opinion, or freedom more in general and so on. I think it's good to feel part of something bigger despite all the differences that might exist. That's why I am thankful for Europe, and for being part of it.

    Caterina Rolando, Italy

    "Europe", so taken for granted and, at the same time, so precious. EU allows us to travel more freely to the other countries that are members, without looking out for changing money or necessarily presenting a passport. Additionally, it considerably simplifies the access to the job's world, with the possibility of getting a great one without so much effort, and even the possibility of studying abroad and come into contact with people from all over Europe.

    Martina, Carcare

    For me, the EU is something to be proud of. Thanks to this union it is possible to travel around the various countries and feel an integral part of a large group, despite the cultural differences of the various countries. Due to this pandemic it has not been possible to travel and get to know what most characterizes Europe, although I'm sure that when we start traveling again it will be even more special than before!

    Łucja, Kępno

    I really aprreciate that living in a country belonging to EU I can freely travel to places all around Europe. It allows me to meet different cultures, learn about them and to become more and more open-minded too. If I didn't live in Europe, I also wouldn't be able to take part in projects like this one, so that's nice :))

    Izabela, Kepno

    Europe is important to me and better known than other, distant continents. Europe is beautiful and interesting, that's why I love to visit it.Thanks to the international student exchange, I met many wonderful people. I think that Europe is a place that connects people.

    Daria, Kępno

    For me, Europe means home. A place where I can live safely and feel at ease everywhere. Despite the fact that we are separate countries, we have different cultures and customs, we can still feel like one big family.

    Lidka, Kępno

    The EU makes trading easier. We can buy bunch of "foreign" products without additional taxes, fees, etc. There is no difficulties in buying online as well. The delivery time between EU countries is much shorter.