Let’s interact by making maps!

The project is about exchanging information about our hometowns and countries through simple maps that we will make together. It is a project that should involve as many partner schools as possible, so that a wide area of Europe would be covered. We will use web2 tools such as Google maps and Thinglink to make the collaborative maps. Each month a base map will be provided by the founder school, and each participating school will upload their info (text, image, video etc) on this map. There will be a number of interactive maps of Europe with information covering a wide range of themes, such as, topography, climate, water resources, pollution, vegetation, culture, monuments, history etc. It is possible that the students vote on the subject of the following month. The final goal is to try to see the connections that arise from the different thematic maps and have the students comment on these connections. Other ICT tools will be used to collaborate, exchange ideas and have fun!

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