Introducing of the project

  • This etwinning project is associated with the Erasmus+KA229 HUM@n NETWORKS FOR THE COOPERATION  and has a duration of two courses, 2019-20 and 20-21; international teams are working and different activities are carried out every year to get the final products of this etwinning-erasmus project.

    The basic function that this etwinning project contributes to the development of the erasmus project is:

    1- The communication and collaboration of the participants in the Erasmus project; Through this space we meet, communicate and work collaboratively in international teams, developing the activities of the Erasmus project and its ultimate goal is to achieve the final products. All students and teachers participating in the 6  partners schools of this project are registered

    2- Collection of documents, videos and photos in folders as well as evaluation questionnaires:

            - Organization and management documents of each educational center

            - Video montages, summaries and products of the project and the mobility

            - Photos of the various activities carried out in our centers before, during and after each mobility

             - Intermediate evaluation online questionnaire

    3- Dissemination of the project, since this twinspace is public and connected to the external website and blog of the project as well as to other pages of our schools, from where you can access and learn about the step-by-step development of the etwinning-erasmus project as well as your final products