Project: Young Apprentices on Workshop

  • Title:

    Young Apprentices on Workshop


    It is necessary to introduce the vocational education options and the schools that provide this education to the young people who will prefer vocational education. With this project, as high school level vocational schools, we will introduce our school, the education we provide and the occupational fields in our school to the students of the previous education level (secondary school). We will do this by going beyond the classical methods. We will host students from secondary schools in our region who are interested in vocational education in our school and provide them with the opportunity to participate in practical training in our workshops. Our current students will actively take part in these studies and will transfer what they have learned to younger students. We will share our work and results as project partners. Our project participant students will have the opportunity to teach what they have learned and interact with the students of other partner schools.

    Languages you are planning to use in your communication: English

    Pupils age range: 14-19

    Number of pupils involved in the project: 30-50


    We can list the objectives of our project as follows;
    -    To introduce vocational education to students who have the potential to choose vocational education in previous education level
    -    Providing the vocational education schools to introduce their practices in their fields to the student candidates through teaching by doing-living,
    -    To increase the rate of preference of vocational training and partner vocational schools
    -    To enable the participants from different schools and countries to interact with each other, thus providing them with opportunities to see new experiences, to recognize new cultures, to develop their foreign languages,
    -    Creating an environment where differences in the common ground of European culture interact

    Work process:

    Our project will be planned to continue throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. Within the scope of the project, the applications of the vocational schools participating in the project in their fields will be introduced to the prospective students who are educated at a lower level and who are the target audience of these schools. In this process, vocational teachers and students of the partner schools will take part as participants.
    Each school will contact the lower-level schools in its area. It will enable student candidates to participate in professional practices in school workshops. The activities will be shared on Twinspace. In this process, each school will establish teams in related fields and carry out activities through these teams. The teams will consist of field teachers and students.
    The details of the practical work to be performed and the work schedule will be determined together with the participants.

    Expected results:

    The promotion activities to be carried out within the scope of the project will increase the level of interest in vocational education, increase the recognition levels in the regions of the partner vocational schools and increase the preference rates of the lower level students for vocational schools. The project participants will interact with the students and teachers of the partner schools from different countries and regions and learn about different cultures and make new friends. Communication skills in foreign languages will also improve. They will also have an international experience in the European dimension.