The 5-th of December was mandated by the UN from 1985 on, as the International Volunteer Day. Let Girls Learn Club of Rrëshen High School have a good eperiences on volunteering and, by means of this project we aim to promote the importance of volunteering and indends to involve as many people as possible, specificly young people in this altruistic activity. The Let Girls Learn Club will schedule a calendar named," Do become a volunteer too", and arange diffrent environmental and social-economic activities. Multiple benefic are supose to come from voluntary work such as: giving and getting love, material contribution, stronger links with comunity, new friendship, good quality social live, positive energies transmitted, stronger belief in future. It make as feet spiritually better, so we become better citizens in a more secure world. This project ranges from 2 December 2019 to 5 December 2020, International Volunteer Day of Economic and Social Development.

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