F.O.O.D. is Friendship, Opportunity for Obscuring Disadvantage

This project will be the etwinning part of an already approved erasmus project. This project is aimed at students aged between 9 and 13 who live in situations of disadvantage and aims to build a path that can support students with particular fragility, enhancing the contribution of creativity and the active participation of the students, in optics to transform the school into an original laboratory of inclusive culture, which can open up to different territories to build educating communities, engaged in the search for an authentic experience of dialogue and educational cooperation. To do this we decided to use food and gastronomic traditions as a common thread. Thefood understood as knowledge of its history and traditions but also as knowledge of the stories and traditions of other countries, to find in diversity the similarities that there are among the peoples and that eventually unite us. Food as a universal and primary right. The banquets that have always sealed a peace, a friends

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