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    Lascaris Georgia

    Video: Hour of Code and Artificial Intelligence from the 4th P.S of Pefki, Athens

    Hour of Code - Tarnobrzeg/Poland
    3d/ SP-5/ Słupsk

    Hour of Code

    3d/ SP5 Słupsk

    MaKey MaKey
    Students built musical instruments, then created their own applications in Scratch


    Hour of Code

    1a/SP-8/Chełm/Poland - Hour of Code



    Hour of Code - sudoku (Digipuzzle)

    1a/SP-8/Chełm/Poland - Hour of Code

    Sudoku (virtual coding mat)


    Hour of Code - sudoku (work cards)

    3c, 2b Tarnobrzeg/Poland

    Our activities presented on the blog


    Children`s Palace,,Adrian Baran,,Romania


    Children`s Palace,,Adrian Baran,, Slatina,Romania

    Lascaris Georgia

    Certificate of Excellence in Coding Literacy for the 4th P.S of Pefkis

    3d/SP-5/ Słupsk/ Poland

    D. Dankowska

    3d/SP-5/ Słupsk/ Poland

    The students worked in teams.
    They made geometrical figures out of the puzzle. Then, using centimeter measures
    they measured the length of the sides of these figures.
    They programmed Photony. The works were to go around the figure.
    D. Dankowska

    3d/SP-5/Słupsk/ Poland

    In extracurricular activities, the boys worked out Arduino.

    NSP PI ĄTKA Olsztyn
    3c Tarnobrzeg/Poland
    3c Tarnobrzeg/Poland
    Hour of Code: LegoWedo2 Spirograph Robot (Video)

    4th P.S of Pefkis: building a LegoWeDo2 Robot and programming it with Scratch3. Drawing beautiful christmas draws!

    Hour of Code:Artificial Intelligence with "A.I for Oceans"

    4th P.S of Pefkis: Hour of Code Activity about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Activity. "Computer science is about so much more than coding! Learn about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, training data, and bias, while exploring ethical issues and how AI can be used to address world problems.[...]When you use the AI for Oceans activity you are training real machine learning models"