0 - Netiquette and Copyright

  • Read the rules and respect them throughout the project
    » Never act different online than you really are.
    » Be respectful (You must not be rude) » Never bother anyone via online or through mail.
    » Never pretend to be someone else. 

    » Always write in lowercase letters (With capital letters it seems that you are being aggressive or rude).

    » Always read what you write. Make sure it is well understood.

    » Say hello and goodbye whenever you send or write a message. 

    » Respect Copyright

    - Always use copyright-free images and music.

    -  To do this use the Google filter > Tools > Rights of use > Label for non-commercial reuse.

    - The images that appear can be used in your work But DO NOT forget that: even if they are free of Copyright, you should quote the SOURCE.

    - In each generated product (presentation, videos, images etc) you must add:

    The creative commons tag Copy the following creative commons image to put it on your product:

    If you cannot copy the image, go to the following creative commons link:Creative Commons License