The project

  • The aim of the project is to enhance abilities of vocational school students/apprentices in using English and to develop the use of English in the professional fields.

    The use of oral English will be the main skill developed.

    August/September/ October:

    • ✓teachers discuss the main steps of the project
    • ✓Teachers present themselves on the twinspace
    • ✓Students present their schools with the tools they want but they have to make a part orally.


    • ✓logo contest
    • Business cards showing name, age, school, professional skill and hobby created with Canva

    December (moved to January)

    • ✓Students present themselves : they create their CV in English with a digital tool of their choice.
    • ✓We can have a visio conference to exchange about life at school (timeschedule, subjects, training period) : questions will be prepared in advance to facilitate the communication .
    • ✓Talking about their training period: students create a presentation to talk about what they do in their training period (slideshow, video etc…)

    January:/ February

    • ✓Talking about safety rules at work according to their speciality: students can be put in team with the same professional activity. Final production will be a poster, a Genially…whatever they’re at ease with but they should insert an oral part in it.


    • ✓Creation of an audio dictionary with professional entries (tools, materials, equipment….

    Each student will have to say the name of the tool in English and in its own language :

    • they will elaborate a list of words in each speciality  (here again they will work in team)
    • they will translate ( and illustrate? ) the word
    • they’ll register in their mother tongue




    Evaluation of the project.