DIXIT collaborative story / histoire collaborative

To write a story based on the cards from the game Dixit. Each partner at its turn choose with his/her pupils 2 or 3 cards and write a chapter of the story ( 1 to 3 sentences for each picture, in his/her native language and in english)

Project Journal

    I think it's time tu put an end to the project.

    To all the partners :
    Do you fancy start a similar one on the begining of 2017?
    If yes tell me and i will contact you when i will launch the project.
    - Posted by ERICK COULANGES, 01.09.2016

  • Great creative children!

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    - Posted by Emanuela Costa, 29.08.2016

  • Quality Certification!

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    - Posted by Emanuela Costa, 29.08.2016

  • hello everybody,

    I will be on summer holidays from teh 5th of July until the 31st of August. I wish you all to enjoy yours. Thank you for your implication into the projetct. I think we will close it on september.
    Friendly yours Erick
    - Posted by ERICK COULANGES, 28.06.2016

  • Corrected eBook version.


    - Posted by Pedro Javier Navarro Lorenzo, 27.06.2016