The project will take place during the 2019/2020 school year. We believe that the school has to improve the development of critical thinking through real-life experiences, stimulate the reflection and the thinking skills The aims of the project have focused on develop the computational thinking through different experiences unplugged and problem-solving based. The themes will be: 1. Exploration of the school and knowledge of the classmates using artworks (for example pictures of Klee, Pollock, Kandiskij). Children have to recognize on the picture the arrows and then follow all the symbols. Activities and game are based on reasoning step by step. 2. Work is carried out on the autumn season: activities following the method of situated learning experience 3. We work on the ecological sustainability; we introduce the topic of the environmental sustainability. 3. From my good habits to the commitment of all European countries. We work about citizenship through games and motor paths.

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