1) Project Information

  • Description of the project

    Using ICT to preserve European craftmanship is an intereuropean Erasmus project whose aim is to develop, preserve and share this european cultural heritage.

    Objetives of the project

    • Increase the concerns and knowledge of the students about the european heritage and crafts.
    • Improve the collaborations between the european students creating international teams and sharing their expereiences in the mobilities.
    • Create a set of materials and channels which help diseminate the knowledge about the european heritage and crafts.

    Key Competences

    • Improve ITC skills of the students using several tools. 
    • Improve the second language skills of the students using as english as common languaje of the project.
    • Improve Oral Skills of the students presenting their ideas in podcasts.
    • Improve the Netiquete of our Students creating a collaboative Project behaviour guide. 
    • Improve the soft skills the students using techniques like Swot analysis, Visual Thinking, etc)

    More information about consecution of Key Competences & Objetives of the project


    7 schools are the patners in this project

    Although our main educative site to work with students is this Etwinning site where cooperative and reseach activities take place...  This is our sister website where where we upload other information about the project.  (http://eucrafts.eu/)

    Planning Activities

        Activity 0. Introducing ourselves
        Activity 1. Logos and slogans contest for our project
        Activity 2. Netiquete and Ethical code of our project
        Activity 3. Craftmanship Previous Researche I: crafts in danger of disappearing
        Activity 4. Craftmanship Previous Research II: England Mobility ( C2)
        Activity 5. Construction of the virtual museum European craftsmanship
        Activity 6. Creating a collaborative patchwork
        Activity 7. UK jewelry, ceramics, woodwork, design and fashion Workshops
        Activity 8. Questions for the creation of "Quiz"
        Activity 9. Crafting Europe Designs & Gimp
        Activity 10. Swot analysis
        Activity 11. SmartArts & Crafts
        Activity 12. Creating a Crafting Alexa Skill
        Activity 13. Europe Day Celebration Activity
        Activity 14. Podcast Workshop
        Activity 15 . [2021] VR Kuula for Crafts
        Activity 16. [2022] Creation of the Crafts Museum
        Activity 17. [2022] Crafts Trivial Board
        Activity 18. [2022] Creation of the Questions of Crafts Trivial
        Activity 19. [2022] Interviews about crafts
        Activity 20. [2022] 3D Blender Workshop
        Activity 21. [2022] International Crafts gymkhana in Ronda
        Activity 22. [2022] SCAMPER - Craft your Bag with PEACE
        Activity 23  [2022] Crafts Enterprises
        Activity 24  [2022] Endangered Crafts for Museum & App
        Activity 25. [2022] SmartArts & Crafts
        Activity 26. [2022] Etwinning and Europe Days Activity

    More information about Planned Activities