1) Planning project

  •  Using ICT to preserve European craftmanship is an intereuropean Erasmus project whose aim is to develop, preserve and share this european cultural heritage. 7 schools are the patners in this project

    Although our main educative site to work with students is this Etwinning site where cooperative and reseach activities take place...  This is our sister website where where we upload other information about the project.  (http://eucrafts.eu/)


    Planning project

        1) Planning project
            1.1) Tools used for the project
            1.2) Planned final outputs
            1.3) The forum
            1.4) We present ourself
            1.5) Code of ethics for our project.

        2) Craftmanship Previous Researche I: crafts in danger of disappearing
            2.1) Our craftsmanship in the media
            2.2) Findings of the preliminary investigationFindings of the preliminary investigation


        3) Craftmanship Previous Research II: England Mobility ( C2)
            3.1) Ceramics Crafts Research
            3.2) Fashion
            3.3) Furniture
            3.4) Jewellery
            3.5) Architecture
            3.6) Written Word
            3.7) Textiles

        4) Swot analysis

        5) Logos and slogans contest for our project

        6) Construction of the virtual museum European craftsmanship
            6.0) Instructions for teachers & Students
            6.1) Glass, ceramic and pottery
            6.2) Vegetable fibres
            6.3) Wood
            6.4) Marble, stone and plaster
            6.5) Metal and ironwork
            6.6) Fur and skin
            6.7) Textile
            6.8) Jewellery
            6.9) Musical instruments
            6.10) Others

        7) Questions for the creation of "Quiz"
        7) Final products
        8) Evaluation
        9) Dissemination