A flower that heals

The main idea of the project is to familiarize the students with medicinal herbs, commonly found in their surroundings during summer, to study and find ways of preserving the herbs and correctly preparing them, to create medicinal tea recipes, prepare them and taste test them. Students in each country will gather medicinal herbs, make descriptions of them in their native languages as well as in English. Students will learn to recognize possibly poisonous plants and will avoid any plants that can be harmful. Whenever possible, students will use the 3R principles (reduce, reuse, recycle) when processing and storing the herbs. Different ways of gathering, drying and preserving the herbs will be tried and the resulting medicinal teas will be given a taste test in the final stages of the project. An e-book containing descriptions and photos of the herbs, their cultural heritage (if any), ways of gathering, drying and storing herbs and medicinal tea recipes will be published as a result.

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