Teach and Learn Outside the Walls through Playing


Teach&Learn Outside the Walls through Playing (TLOWP) is aiming to find practical solutions to some educational problems being discussed for a long time in all over the world. Although the capacity and facilities of the schools are improving and the teachers are becoming more qualified and having more useful equipment to use in classes and although technology helps a lot to teachers and learners, the expected impact of education unfortunately cannot be reached and schools are remaining somewhere boring for students. Day by day, the minds of young students are being full of violence, arguments, social discrimination, loneliness, famine, poorness etc. In today’s world, all the problems they face at homes, on TVs, in the street, at school etc. have a negative impact on them. In many European countries, it is strongly stated recently that the age of committing suicide, using drugs, vandalism, bullying, seeking for a medical treatment psychologically are decreasing steadily to younger ages. Lots of actions have been taken into place to prevent youngsters from those problems and threats. But, Isn’t it possible and easier to reach that aim through schools? Definitley, YES. If Schools become somewhere good for them, They will surely be protected better. As teachers of young learners, it is very difficult to get the pupils’ concentration on the lesson for a whole class. Also, Visual and Audio equipments are losing their impact day by day because thanks to technology they are becoming familiar with it at an early age and because they are accustomed to, they sometimes find even visual and audio items ordinary and boring. What should be done to get the interest of students and keep them away from bad behaviours? The answer is so clear. For a child, the only thing, that is always a source of happiness, concentration, learning and sharing , is GAME and the best context and atmosphere for a good teaching&learning is REAL LIFE. But of course, not on a screen. The best teaching and learning can be achieved in natural environment. That’s why, New approaches such as Phonemenal approach, Project based learning, Flipped Classroom etc. are very popular recently. The common features of those popular approaches are to make the child have a chance to express themselves with taking responsibility and moving the education to another concept rather than ordinary classrooms and to create an Entertaining and Educative REAL LIFE environment or context. For all those reasons mentioned above, we strongly believe in that if we can put GAMES and REAL LIFE in the middle of Teaching&Learning activities, the problems such as lack of concentration, weak interest of children, not being able to reach the inner personality of students, students' being isolated/excluded from the society, tendency to bullying, vandalism, violence etc. will not be possible to overcome. Today's pupils are the adults of future. Our motivation is to create a better generation.

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