Electronic cultural portfolio of my region


“Look back to move beyond and that is what is the present - it incorporates both the past and the future.” Amit Abraham Our duty as educators is to help our students to discover the identity that past gives them, but also to prepare them for tomorrow. This is one of the aims of our project, to build a bridge between past, cultural heritage, and future set of competences that young people need to find fulfilling jobs and become independent, engaged citizens who contribute to society. In order to acomplish this students and tachers involved in the project will carry out interdisciplinary research on cultural issues (e.g. architecture culture – buildings and their history, craft culture, time line of our cultural history – points of connection between our countries, culture of minorities), in order get a deeper knowledge of different cultural traits and cultural heritage of Europe. Each research will be published in an e-journal, which can be used as Open Educational Resources.

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