The Martian

  • Recently we watched the movie called The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott. We worked in pairs or small groups and each group had their own topic. Our task was to write down our observations and questions, connected to our topic.

    It was a really good experience, watching it together. The film was interesting for the class for many reasons. First of all, because it’s connected to our joint project, and second, because of the Hungarian references, like the locations, the actors and the staff members.

    The story in a nutshell: The crew of Ares 3 is working on planet Mars, when a sandstorm catches them, and they have to end the mission. Unfortunately one of them, Mark Watney gets hit by an aerial and his sign of life disappears. The commander wants to save him, but she’s compelled to leave Mark behind, because if she didn’t do so, none of them would make it out alive. So the crew forsakes the planet, thinking that Watney lost his life up there. It turns out that he survived, but this means that he has to manage to get by on Mars on his own, until NASA can bring him back. However, during that time he spends alone on the uninhabited planet, he has to face several problems, and it becomes doubtful whether he can get home at all.

    I found the movie remarkably interesting. It was well-written, sufficiently creditable, and the acting really put the icing on the cake. It was surprisingly funny. The tension kept going throughout the whole movie, but a joke or a funny remark always broke the tension, and made the film enjoyable.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest doing that, because you’ll have fun and you may get new ideas about the Mars project.

    And the most important thing is the killer soundtrack. :)


  • The Martian form the scientific and from the person point of view


    I watched the film from my point of view. That's topic is the entertainment because it is important to not die in boredom. Me and my teammate found some kind of entertainment in the film but not a lot. First of all the most inportant thing is the music even though the music isn't the best. The second is the logbook it was true that he did this because he wanted to give this for the posterity but he enjoyed to do that. Finally we found some kind of entertainment in the potato growing we knew it is a condition of the living on the Mars but you can enjoy it if you are a botanist like Watney. In summary to stuck on the Mars is not the best activity but you can enjoy it in some ways.


    We observed the different ways of transportation in the film, but frankly there weren't a lot of ideas. The simplest,but least efficient and most exhausting was walking.
    And there was only one other concept. An Electrical Mars Rover charged by solar cells. It was quite fast and it could carry heavy objects, however it could only go 30 miles without charge.
    In spite of the lack of vehicles in the movie, the group came up withe more ideas. For example a subway or a jetpack, or even a hovercraft.

    Problems of loneliness

    When you are alone for a long time, you need a really big willpower to survive in an unfriendly enviroment. Mark decided that he will manage all his problems but he needed human connections, so he made a videoblog for himself. He was very stressed boh physicaly and mentaly because of the long loneliess. A lot of people can not bear the long lasting loneliness. This is why it is so important if we will send astronautes to the Mars the will be never alone, they always have contacts with their family or friends or at least the can communicate with the mission control center.


    The way the movie presents communication is more fictional than in real but it is not completely false. 8/10
    Máté and Péter


    It was really interesting to see the different weather conditions, which appeared in the film.
    For example the big windstorms and the low temperature.
    But in real life the Mars's wind speed is like the wind speed in the Earth, so maybe they could have prepared for the storm.
    I think the film showed the weather quite well.

    Dangers of deep space traveling

    We think that the dangers of deep space traveling was not really represented in the film.
    The movie didn't focus on the deep space part of space traveling however it did work with the idea of receiving other spacecrafts in orbit.
    Two of these "meetings" were shown in the the film, one of them being really smooth, and the other one having a miscalculation but the solution for it was to detonate a bomb while in orbit, which probably is not a good idea in real life.
    The lack of deep space traveling in the movie is understandable because it was not the theme that it chose to discuss and was also delivering in those topics.
    Artúr, Márk and Levi

    The Martian

    About a month ago we (as a class) watched a movie called The Martian. It's a movie directed by Ridley Scott based on the sci-fi book by Andy Weir. It was interesting to see how artists imagine living on the Mars. The movie has got really great creative effects and amazing casting. It shows interesting ideas how to survive alone on the "red planet," how to make water, how to grow plants and more. Okay, some parts were a bit far-fetched, but it's normal in fictional movies and books :)
    Marie B.


    I thought it was interesting how he grew the potatoes. I heard or read somewhere that it wasnt realistic because of some dust or somehing and that the small particles would get into his lung and he would have died at the start. Cant say if its true but the film felt realistic. I enyjoyed watching it.
    Šimon Pávek


    Film Marťan I saw it for the first time and I am surprised. Interestingly, even under such conditions, they can think about how to survive. How to get food and water. The film is very well made. Amazing footage of Red Planet. Most interesting in the film is the weather on Mars.
    Matěj Coufal

    The Martian review

    To sum up The Martian. It’s a lightweight, sci-fi, happy-end movie. There’s no real message hidden in it like there is in Interstellar or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Although it is lightweight, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. On the contrary, The Martian is a nice relaxing movie, that you can watch at any point without any “preparation”. I think Matt Damon was a good cast and in my opinion he made the movie only better. Concerning realism, I don’t think it’s the most unreal movie ever, but obviously to make the movie entertaining, Ridley Scoot the director, took some artistic liberties (the potatoes). All in all, if you like sci-fi, but you aren’t ready for things like 2001, this is the “popcorn” movie for you. 8/10 Jakub Tesárek

    The Martian

    I watched that film when I was at summer camp and I liked when our teacher showed us this film I was really happy. I’m just in love with the ideas. If I were on Mars alone I would die quickly... so I like their ideas for this film and for the problems.

    Possibility of life on the Mars

    I saw film The Martian 3 weeks ago I think. I had a lot of questions and not much answers. Can there be life? Can there be diferent form of life? I dont know. I have much more questions in my mind but anyone doesnt know answers. The best way to get this informations is send another rocket to the Mars and stay there for longer time. 1 year is enough I think. Then we will know more. Matěj Novoný

    The Martian

    I didn't know about this film before the teacher showed it to us. I think that theme of Mars is interesting because it could be another planet where life will be possible. I like the ideas in the film how to live on Mars. The man was very brave. He did not give up and managed to survive. I found interesting how he could grow the plants.
    I really liked the film and I'm glad to see it.
    Aneta Scharhagová

    The Martian

    if I had to recommend a movie to someone, this here would be the first one I would recommend. I always enjoy this type of film and I think it is pretty well done processed (music, storyline and characters). I found it interesting how they planted potatoes and overall, how he lived there on planet.
    Markéta Andrysiková

    The Martian

    I´m not a big fan of sci-fi movies, but I liked this one. I enjoyed the soundtrack and the amazing effects.
    I really admire Mark, because he could survive on Mars for such a long time. His ideas about to get food and water were very smart, so I think he was intelligent. If I were in the same situation I would die in a few days.


    Our task was to observe the relationships and the conflicts between the people in the movie.
    The most important aspect can be seen through observing the connection between Mark and the other crew members. They are always on the same side and they have each other's backs.
    There is a commander and the others have to comply with her orders.
    Niki & Lujzi

    The Martian

    When i saw the film Martan, i was very impressed. My first reaction when his entire crew left him was: Ehmm, it's USA film, he never die and all will be good. My reaction was accurate :D. But... The film has got really interesting passages. I think this film is about "Never Give Up". I enjoyed wathing this film. Lukáš Lošťák.


    I saw this film first time and it wasn´t bad. But I am not plan watch it again. I was interested about food. When Mike foud out how raised vegetable. it was genial. Alžběta Jobeková

    The Martian

    I liked the movie mainly the part where he tried to grow potatoes.
    and I also liked the psychological side of the movie…
    it was’t easy for a human to be alone for so long time
    and I was glad that nobody died :)

    the Martian

    I really liked the whole movie. Everything looked real and
    (in some cases) even quite possible. The film was very interesting both in terms of film and factual / meaning. Interesting and enlightening was also how he managed to grow potatoes.

    about film

    the martian is my the most favourite film. I saw it many times and I still remember when I was on the premiere. Mark´s behavior always impress me. He is there few years alone! Also I like there are many scientific knowledge, for example making water. I read a book too and there are more than five pages containig only explanation of the whole chemical reaction. And the last thing, potatoes will save your life! Natka B.

    The Martian

    This was the first time I've seen this film called The Martian. I liked the idea of the author, about life on Mars, I think that's how most people imagine it, and I'm no exception, even though everything wasn't to my liking, I liked the film. Daniela Černá

    The Martian movie

    When we watched this film, I thought I will be sleeping insted of watching it, but it turned out, that I liked it... The thing that impressed me the most was the main character and solution how to prepare a food…. The main character named Mark Watney was really smart, strong and brave. I don’t know if I can stay alone for so long and eat only potatos. I would probably get mad. :) Anna Nosková

    Thé Martian

    I watched the movie and I think the movie was very good ... I liked the main character he was very funny, brave and clever. Despite the fact that že almost died, he did not give up and managed to get back from Mars back to Earth. This movie was very inspiring for me and it shows that even though things don't always go as they should, it's important not to give up and try to overcome them.
    Tobiáš Luft

    Super interesting

    The Martian is the first film which we watched in school and i watch it again when i get home. Personaly i think this film is very interesting becouse the whole planet is thinking about living on Mars and that man can survive so many days. This film makes me interest about our thema for this project.
    Lucie Kocnova

    The Martian

    I watched the movie and I think the movie was very good ... I liked the main character he was very funny, brave and clever. Despite the fact that he almost died there on a small planet, he did not give up and managed to get back from Mars back to Earth. This movie was very inspiring for me and it shows that even though things don't always go as they should, it's important not to give up and try to overcome them.
    Tobiáš Luft

    The Martian

    I saw it for the first time and I was really surprise. This film in the beginning was boring for me but when the person remained on the Mars alone the story started to be interesting. The ideas with catch the water and grow potatoes were cool. Personaly I think this film is really good. The film is good example live in the Mars. The film from me has 8 stars from 10. :) Marie Vacková

    What time is it on Mars?
    The Martian

    I have seen this movie like three times already but never the ending. When we watched it whole something around a month ago I really liked it. Its not my favorite movie of course but it was partly funny, partly exciting and thrilling so I wasn't bored. Also I know it wasn't 100% realistic but it seemed realistic enough for someone who's not interested in life on Mars or generally in cosmo. As everyone wrote here, I also liked the potato-growing part the most. I wouldn't be able to survive there even for a few days plus the psychological pressure on you being there alone all the time, i would have gone crazy right away.
    Elena Novotna

    Great Movie

    I really liked this movie and it was really well made and cast actors I love. Scientifically, there are many survival guides on Mars. Of course it's a movie and not everything is true, but I still think the informations could come in handy.
    Matouš Cvrk


    This film beautifully shows what it would look like, if we landed on Mars.  And I think personally I would love to grow potatoes on Mars and listen to old disco music.  I expected this movie to be very psychological, and instead I could see Mark Watney's entertaining life, who didn't lose a bit of wit while remaining all alone on the Red Planet.  The cinematography was also great, especially the set and visual effects. When I remember what horrible movies ridley Scott recently filmed (E.g. Prometheus) , I am very pleased, and I wish Scott made another film of similar quality:)

    The Martian

    For me, this movie is one of the greatest movie ever. Mat daemon play his role very good a it was good idea to create this film. I think that this will be possible in long Future. Vít Hrubý.

    The Martian

    I am not a big fan of movies, so I was quite bored, but overall it was not that bad. I really like the part when he was trying to grow the potatoes, but due to the accident, he needed to count every piece of food he took. I was also surprised by how calm he stayed and across the fact that he could die, he still made quite fun joke.
    Daniela H

    The Martian

    I have seen this movie just for one time, but I think that Matt Damon who played the main role like an astronaut Mark Watney was such a good. It's really interesting how could be looking if someone of us will be stuck on planet called Mars. I think that now it's like impossible to manage be stuck on Mars for so long like Mark, but maybe in the future everybody will be able to live there.
    Karolína Rampová

    The Martian

    I realy like the idea of being alone somewhere you don't know and fighting with the situation when you want to save your life. I think it is great movie I could watch it again and I will never be bored.
    Ondřej Vinš