Greek-Hungarian project: Myths and Tales


The subtitle of the project is „Greek and Hungarian roots in our cultures”. The students of both schools are going to learn about their traditional folklore and carnival celebrations, thus they will get deeper insight into each other’s country’s culture. First the students of both schools will upload on the e-twinning platform some myths and tales. The Greek will choose a tale and Hungarians will choose a myth to work on. The students dramatize 1 myth and 1 tale in their schools, preparing proper props and clothes for the performance, which will be a great fun and experience. At the end of the performances the young people will choose the best actors and those actors whose English pronunciation is the nicest. The performance will be watched by the whole school and the people from the local community (for example, parents, the pupils from the primary schools), who will learn about the theatrical performances from the posters, created and distributed by students from the Hungarian school

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