Past, present and future - memories and dreams (Erasmus+KA2)

The project is based on the exchange of good practices shaping key competences of mathematics and natural sciences, entrepreneurship and learning skills: -Mathematical and basic scientific and technical-the ability to develop and use mathematical thinking in order to solve problems arising from everyday situations; -Information-skillful and critical use of ICT at work, entertainment and communication, using computers to obtain, evaluate, store, create, present and exchange information; -Learning to learn-is the ability to persevere in learning, organizing one's own learning process, through effective time and information management, both individually and in groups; -Social and civic-personal, interpersonal and intercultural competences in order to prepare people for effective and constructive participation in social and professional life; -Initiative and entrepreneurship-the ability of the person to turn ideas into ideas into action resorting to creativity, innovation and risk taking.

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