Our project 4C’s;Learning4tomorrow aims at developing a deeper understanding of the way in which how we can promote 4C’s by enhancing the opportunities the students get in our classrooms. *Communication : The project aims to teach to communicate the way how the world communicates. People don’t use traditional communication methods now but they prefer quicker and live ones such as Skype, Facetime, Remind or Google Classroom *Collaboration : New edtools allow students to collaborate across space and time.They can collaborate across schools in the world via Google docs, Padlet or Todays Meet. *Critical thinking :There are many tools to foster critical thinking too.Edmodo, Breakout EDU or kidblog. *Creativity :Students can learn how to be creative by solving problems , create systems or just trying something new.Google Draw, Wixie, Glogster are some good tools for students to benefit. From this motivation , the Project aims to encourage and make our students digital citizens of the 21st century equipped with these 4 basic skills in an innovative approach.In order to fully participate in today’s global community our students must master 4C’s.Technology is a good facilitator and has great tools to aide 4 C’S in modern classrooms. By using these educational tools, our students will develop and nurture these fundamental skills and get ready for the fast changing world beyond school. It is foreseen that the project will also provide the primary teachers with the knowledge the know-how and the confidence to incorporate these stimulating skills into curriculum and ICT in teaching programme.

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