"Greek and Italian cultural and historic interactions"


The current etwinning partnership is concerned about intercultural exchanges in Art, Literature & everyday life among Greece (Crete-Athens) and Italy (Venice-Trieste). More specifically, we will be studying the Italian (Venetian) influences on the Greek culture as well as the Greek influences on the Italian culture. Our project shall entail the following cultural elements: Masks in Ancient Greece, in Venice as well as in Carnivals; a comparative study. Greek scholars in the West. Italian Renaissance. Venetian domination in Crete. Cultural exchanges between Venice & Crete, Greek typography in Venice-Trieste. Infusion of the idea of revolution from Trieste to the enslaved Greek people. Trieste: cultural crossroad. Greeks as "foreigners" in Italy. In general, our project shall be comprised of transcultural interactions between Italy and Greece.

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