Look Alive! For Our World (LOVED)- Erasmus+

For young children pollutionis a difficult subject to understand the reality of the environmental problems the world faces now and in the future. However, there are some indications to there being a problem. The area where pollution can be seen in our local environment is in the sea and on the shore where rubbish from near and far is clogging up our beaches. A governmental initiative to help clean up the shores of the coast of Poland , Turkey and Denmark became the inspiration for this project. Where does all this rubbish come from, who is responsible and what can be done about it were some of the questions the children at our school discussed. The schools took part in helping to clean up our local area, and were shocked at the amount of rubbish that they collected. Also, they were shocked by the reports of a dead fish found in Poland,Turkey and Denamark where scientists found it had died because it had eaten large amounts of plastic. This spurred teachers and pupils to look at videos and articles from around the world about the problems we are facing when it comes to pollution, global warming and other environmental issues. The children of today are the future of tomorrow. Therefore, it is important that they learn about what challenges they will meet, choices they can make for themselves and their families and how they can have an impact on political decisions. The aim of this project is to teach them what environmental problems are, the vocabulary related to the topic, to get an understanding of their own actions, how to take informed choices in regard to pollution and how to influence political decisions.

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