Charity Achieves Results with Erasmus+ (Acronym CARE+)

The aim of this project is to encourage students from different European countries, working together using ITC and practicing English, to promote the attitude to volunteering enterprises which will render them responsible, organized, disciplined, ambitious, team workers, to experience leadership motivation, cooperation and solidarity. All the activities will lead students to grow and ensure equity, prosperity, social inclusion, cultivate confidence, promote the attitude of care and respect the environment, form the right personality, that of citizens with entrepreneurial skills. With this project we intent to start our European partnership, as well as the preparation of an Erasmus+ project for the 2019 March deadline. We will develop some activities with students in order to let them communicate and discuss some topics related to the Erasmus+ project, even before its submission. TwinSpace will become the main space for collaboration, communication and sharing all activities.

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