Security in ICT


A Erasmus + project. The issue of privacy and security in ICT is more and more relevant, especially in the group of young people, who use the modern technology every day and it is an obvious part of their lives. Therefore it is important to talk about potential threats and challenges that the use of new technology brings. The partnership consists of secondary schools, both vocational and general, from different European regions, but we all tackle the same issues related to the responsible use of ICT among the group of students. But this project is focused not only on the private level of ICT security areas (e.i. the spread of private information via social networking sites or the Internet, bank access, electronic signature, open source x licensed programmes) but also on the business level with the practical use of students┬┤ firms (as a practical part of the project, students will prepair an ICT security plan for students┬┤firms or general public).

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