Project Presentation

  • The project “Local Treasures in European Context – LTEC” – aims to bring together  schools from remote areas, either small urban or rural ones, in an attempt to have their students and teachers work on discovering, researching, documenting, presenting and promoting local treasures in the wider European context of commonly shared heritage. There are 4 main areas put under scrutiny: Historical Treasures, Natural Treasures, Arts and Crafts, and Traditions and Local Cuisine, for each of which each participating school will investigate, document, research, present and promote different realities, which will all then be taken to another level, linked, compared, contrasted and merged within the larger European context. Inter and trans-disciplinary approaches to learning will be developed, together with team work and autonomous learning, while key competences in the areas of learning to learn, communication, certain basic literacy, digital and entrepreneurial skill development will be focused upon mainly, but not only. Research and documentation will involve, besides the partner school, other local organizations that will aid the process, while presentation and promotion will cover various formats, from flyers to brochures, and from photography to documentaries. Crossexamination of findings, products and research results will also occur, both internationally and versus younger control groups, in order to ensure viability and increase impact. Ultimately it is hoped that this project will also contribute to boosting local pride, the sense of belonging, increase local potential of attracting business development, thus offering the young participants incentives to think globally and act locally and to envisage future opportunities that will eventually put their locations on the larger European Map.