Project overview

  • We are vocational French and Spanish pupils & teachers who realize an European experience in our schools.
    We are creating the opportunity for pupils and teachers to share some learning and teachings experiences with European persons.
    Pupils are between 14 to 18 years old. They learn Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditionning and plumbing.

    Let's Learn Together is a project with 3 main aims:

    1 - Offer the pupils the opportunity to developp their vocational & English skills in pairs with an European classmate
    2 - Offer the pupils the opportunity to discover regional specificities in a foreign country
    3 - Develop the cooperation between European teachers through co-teaching

    To reach those aims we'll all, teachers and students, communicate and exchange during a school year through videos, mails, calls and meeting.
    Partners will spend a whole week in each foreign school. Teachers will teach together in English, by the way mixed pupils partners will develop in the same time vocational and English skills.

    Some numbers :

    2 vocational public school : French and Spanich
    6 vocational and english teachers experts
    14 pupils : 7 French and 7 spanich
    30 weeks to achieve