Cooperative EU school teams: the winning future

Learning is a vital ability of human beings especially in teenagers and the range of 12-15 is critical in their future as professionals. Teachers can create an environment to support learning, but in this case, the student should take the active role. Student’s motivation and compromise are the key points in learning process. Teacher’s work does not matter, if the student does not work, he or she does not learn. On the other side, transnational learning is another important point in motivation that these kind of projects provide. We understand that short-term exchange activities are essential in the project but it is also necessary a close contact during all the project life. In this sense, the use of technology can definitely help us to achieve active implication of students in different countries along the project. As a result of this, this project needs to be carried out transnationally. Our partnership includes five schools from Spain, Italy, Greece, Latvia and Poland.

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