• We start telling our students the story about Roots...

    This is Roots' story: 

    Children meet  “Roots”, the monster who’s really… rude!

    He has visited the monster-doctor to get some piece of advice about  how to meet new friends. Everybody around him is avoiding him and he needs some therapy, the sooner the better. Monster-doctor tells him the best medicine he can get is called CULTURE. Culture from all around Europe.

    Now it's time to figure out what does Roots look like... Let's make up a monster and ask our students to draw a monster who will be the main character of our project...

    What does Roots look like?

    Children make a drawing of Roots, using crayons, markers, coloured pencils or paint. 

    Here are the proposals made by our students:

    The children, individually, vote for two of their favourite monsters

    Now, each school votes for the winning travelling monster to be.


    Then, we are making Roots real, it's a girl and she's starting travelling from Cyprus to the rest of participant schools in our project...

    What do we do with Roots?

    The winner monster is sewed  and will travel around the partner schools... 

    Each partner makes some presents related to their culture for Roots.
    Finally, a travel book is filled with Roots' adventures as an album of photos and a diary with all these adventures and anecdotes occurred all over our countries.